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World Cup Protest in Sao Paulo Has Vandalism and Violent Confrontation

05/16/2014 - 09h10



Protests against World Cup spending in Sao Paulo had vandalism acts and violent confrontation between protesters and military police. 28 days ahead the World Cup, masked individuals, "black bloc" supporters, barricaded, set fire in garbage cans and vandalized a car shop.

There were protests in other host cities as well, but no records of violent confrontations.

The State capital also had a series of peaceful demonstrations. The largest one was the one with municipal teachers, with about 8,000 people.

At least 15,000 went to the streets in Sao Paulo. In the morning, the homeless movement known as "sem-teto" closed main city roads.

Across the street from Itaquerão members of the organized soccer team Corinthians, the "Gaviões da Fiel", disguised, intervened to defend the stadium - hosting the World Cup opening.

Government gave up sending to Congress a new law that would have punished more harshly activists practicing vandalism in demonstrations.

According to Planalto, the measure is a demonstration of confidence so that the protests are done without violence.

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In Pernambuco, the police strike brought chaos to the Great Recife. Looting and mass robberies were registered in peripheral regions. Downtown area was empty in a full working day due to rumors.

Government offices and schools closed their doors. The strike ended at the end of the day, but federal troops remain in the city until the situation got back to normal.

The former governor and presidential candidate Eduardo Campos (PSB) was attacked on social network sites after publishing a photo inside a jet.

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The image was deleted minutes later. Campos said it was a mistake to publish and delete the photo later.

Translated by SIMONE PALMA

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