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Ten Days Ahead of the World Cup, Airports Are Not Ready

06/04/2014 - 09h19



Ten days ahead of Brazil's World Cup start, Folha visited airports at the host cities and found temporary walls, dust and workers almost everywhere.

Imagine how these airports will be in the World Cup.

1. Belo Horizonte (Confins International Airport - Tancredo Neves)
Its dusty sidewalks become muddy on rainy days. Inside the terminal, noise, dust, scaffolding, smell of glue, wood and iron from the ground. The food court is not done. Infraero promises to have all the signs ready until to the end of the games and say snacks are part of the concessionary problem.

2. Manaus (Manaus International Airport - Eduardo Gomes)
If inside the airport passengers have to line up in the middle of workers, scaffolding and even a machine parked in the middle of the lobby, outside is worse. The airport is surrounded by construction sites, dozens of trucks, tractors, workers and a lot of dust.

3. Salvador (Salvador International Airport - Deputado Eduardo Magalhães)
The internet does not work, 200 meters of temporary walls to cover the pilasters on the external area and illegal drivers operating freely in the departure area is how World Cup tourists will see the city's airport.

4. Recife (Recife International Airport/Guararapes - Gilberto Freyre)
In Pernambuco's capital, illegal taxi drivers act freely, and the walkway that connects the airport to the metro station is not ready yet. Inside, there is a nonexistent booth to pay for parking.

5. Fortaleza (Fortaleza International Airport - Pinto Martins )
For the World Cup, it was a temporary canvas, since concrete beams and structures on display as well as temporary walls cannot hide the unfinished (and now paralyzed) reform of the passenger terminal.

6. Curitiba (Afonso Pena International Airport)
Boarding and departure platforms at Parana's airport were made ​​of plastic tarps, metal frame and wood, while the final structure is not done.

7. Porto Alegre (Salgado Filho International Airport)
In the initial stage, works at the extended terminal attached to the main terminal should only be completed in 2016. Airline and airport administration vehicles, for example, must travel through a 'siding hall' between two construction sites, to access more distant areas of the place.

8. Guarulhos (Sao Paulo International Airport - Cumbica)
Work is ready, but the newly opened Terminal 3 is operating at only a quarter of its capacity, leaving the old terminas still crowded.

9. Brasilia (Brasilia International Airport - President Juscelino Kubitschek )
Works are done! One terminal, however, still depends on ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) approval.

Translated by SIMONE PALMA

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