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For Fans, Fred Is the Worst Brazilian Player

07/04/2014 - 09h38



Contrary to the popular saying, the story does not always repeat itself. And, in this case, it is a pity for Fred.

Praised after the success at the Confederations Cup, when he was the competition's top scorer with five goals– alongside the Spanish Fernando Torres–, the target-man is now considered by Brazilian fans Brazil's worst player of this World Cup.

A Datafolha research done on July 1st and 2nd shows the Fluminense player was voted– spontaneously, without having his name quoted– by 21% of the respondents as the Brazilian team's worst player.

2,857 people over the age of 16, from 177 different municipalities in the country, have participated in the research that has margin of error of approximately 2%.

According to Director-General of Datafolha Mauro Paulino, 53, the perception about the attacker is supported by the statistics. Fred played four times, had nine shots on goal, made 39 correct passes and scored one.

As comparison, the German Müller, who also played four World Cup matches, poked the ball in 13 times, got 115 correct passes and scored four.
The gap between both is huge.

The striker Hulk (9%) is next on the list, followed by the right winger Daniel Alves (6%), the midfielder Paulinho (4%) and the left winger Marcelo (3%).
One-third (33%) did not know who was the worst and 15% said "none".

Fred disapproval index is higher among men (26%), youngest people (28%), the more educated (28%) and those with monthly household income between five and ten minimum wages (31 %). Among women, the attacker is also the worst, but for only for 16%.


Neymar stands in the opposing corner. For 56% of the respondents, the Barcelona player is Brazil's best athlete.

There is a huge gap between the striker and the second place, the goalkeeper Júlio César (10%), the defender David Luiz (8%) and Hulk (5%).

Neymar's approval is greater in the Northeast of the country (60%) and among those who are interested in the World Cup (62%).

The vast majority (80%) believes Brazil's victory over Chile was fair.


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Sergio Lima - 23.jun.2014/Folhapress
According to Datafolha, the attacker disapproval index reaches 21%
According to Datafolha, the attacker disapproval index reaches 21%

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