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Carnival to Have Traditional Samba Schools as well as Large Street Parades

02/13/2015 - 19h13



Carnival celebrations begin on Saturday (14) and continue until Tuesday (17), with samba schools performing in cities across the country, as well as the famous street parades which attract hundreds of thousands of people.

The most important samba school parade takes place in Marquês de Sapucaí in Rio de Janeiro over Sunday (15) and Monday (16) night, with twelve schools competing for the title of Grupo Especial [special group].

Last year's champions were Unidos da Tijuca, who this year will pay tribute to museologist, actor and Carnival costume designer Clóvis Bornay.

On Friday (13) and Saturday (14) night the samba schools parade in São Paulo, with 14 schools competing for the title.

Last year, it went to the group Mocidade Alegre, who this year are portraying the life of the actress Marília Pêra.

Another Carnival attraction are the street parades, which are becoming increasingly important in the larger cities.

In Rio, there are parades all over the city, from Friday (13) until Sunday (15).

The largest, like Cordão da Bola Preta, which will take place in the center of the city, will bring more than a million people to the streets.

In São Paulo, the number of street parades has grown in recent years, with more than 300 groups registered this year.

The city center and the neighborhood of Pinheiros, in the west of the city, are likely to be busiest, with more than two million people expected to attend.

Recife's Carnival will have frevo orchestras (a traditional style of music from Pernambuco) and street parades, as well as gigs by artists such as Gaby Amarantos, Alceu Valença, Nação Zumbi and O Rappa, among others.

Another attraction is famous parade of the giant dolls, which will take place in Olinda on Monday (16).

The São Paulo samba schools are likely to face rain when they begin to perform on Friday (13) night.

According to the city government's Emergency Management Center (CGE, in its Portuguese abbreviation), the forecast is for heavy showers, thanks to the arrival of a cold front.

On Saturday (14) the sun will shine, though there will be plenty of cloud around, creating stuffy, humid conditions.

On Sunday (15) it will rain again, though more moderately, while on Monday and Tuesday the weather will remain unstable.

Rio, where temperatures have been high in recent days, will also receive rain for Carnival.

There will be showers on Saturday (14) afternoon and evening, though on Sunday (15) things should clear up for the samba school parades.

On Monday (16), however, the forecast is that the rain will return.

Translated by TOM GATEHOUSE

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