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Seven Celebrities and Elite Athletes Show the Best Surfing Destinations in Brazil

07/23/2015 - 09h33



Hawaii may be synonymous with surfing, but Brazil, with a 7,000-kilometer long coastline, is not far behind.

Brazil's beaches have unleashed surfers who are among today's best. There are eight Brazilians in the WCT (World Surfing Tour, the elite championship of the sport).

Folha's 'Tourism' page heard four of these athletes, including Carlos Burle, one of the sport's pioneers, and celebrities whose hobbies include surfing, to find out what are the country's best beaches.

FERNANDO DE NORONHA (Pernambuco state) tipped off by Carlos Burle, 47, a Big Waves Tour world champion

Adriano Vizoni/Marcelo Parmeggiani/Folhapress/Futura Press

"Half of the archipelago is a desert and is reminiscent of Hawaii due to the climate, the mountains and the color of the water. Perhaps the best waves in Brazil can be found there"

BAIA FORMOSA (Rio Grande do Norte state) suggested by Italo Ferreira, 21, 9th place in the WCT

Renata Moura/Ricardo Borges/Folhapress

"There usually aren't many people surfing at Baía Formosa, so I feel more comfortable. It's a great place to go for training. When you come out of the water, there are many lagoons scattered around the region, such as the 'Coca-Cola' lagoon, with dark waters. It is the largest remaining rainforest on dunes in Brazil "

PRAINHA, Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro state), recommended by Daniele Suzuki, 37, actress

Julio Cesar Guimaraes/Bruno Poletti/UOL/Folhapress

"Unlike other Rio beaches, here only vegetation and mountain views can be seen. In addition to good waves, you can go hiking and cycling around the park by the waterfront. The views are beautiful"

ITAMAMBUCA, Ubatuba (São Paulo state), tipped off by Wiggolly Dantas, 25, ranked 13th in the WCT

Adriano Vizoni/Daniel Smorigo/Folhapress/ASP

"Its waters are warm and its waves have great potential. The surroundings also offer plenty of unspoiled nature. In addition to the beautiful waterfront, there are waterfalls at Prumirim, where I often go to re-energize"

QUEBRA-MAR, Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro state), suggested by Paulo Zulu, 52, model

Daniel Marenco/Sergio Alberti/Folhapress

"The beach is a stretch at the corner of Barra da Tijuca; the canal flows right into the place where the waves are formed, so the sea sometimes gets agitated"

PONTA NEGRA, Natal (Rio Grande do Norte state),recommended by Jadson André, 25, ranked 19th in the WCT

Nuno Guimaraes/Efe/ASP

"The beach is small and urban, with waves that aren't so big - but there must be something magical in the region because it has unleashed many successful athletes"

VERMELHA DO CENTRO, Ubatuba (São Paulo state),suggested by Filipe Toledo, 20, ranked 4th in the WCT

"My career began here: I used to wake up at dawn, cycle up there and see the sunrise before spending the day surfing. The waterfront isn't too long and there is a lot of greenery. On the left corner, people jump into the water from a large rock "


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