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On the Southern Coast, Barra Grande Beach Attracts Visitors with Good Winds and Warm Waters

01/14/2016 - 10h16



As soon as the aircraft doors open, a waft of warm air invades the inside of the plane, causing a hair raising thermic shock. We've arrived in Teresina, in a scorching heat that exceeds 40°C, commonplace for the residents of the capital of Piauí, the only one in the northeast region that is situated far from the coastal breeze.

From there, it will take 5 hours by car to the vicinity of the border with the state of Ceará, where you find Barra Grande, a beach recently discovered by those who love summer, nature and kitesurfing.

A little after 17h, an intense movement of people can be observed heading for the sand: it's sunset, time for a show by the sea, in a simple fisherman village.

The shuffle of colorful kites in the sky is reflected in the water, whose tones waver between emerald green and turquoise blue.

It's as if the vivacity of the scene gained new shapes thanks to the light touch of man.

From August to December, the Northeast wind moves along the entire coast of the region with great intensity, which is ideal when trying to propel kites in kite surfing. With them, the sportsman is able to "fly" while simultaneously gliding over the water with a board attached to his feet.

During that time of year, Barra Grande's waterfront is crowded with kite surfers, who come primarily from Europe (from countries such as Germany, France and Italy) to spend long days in the water until sunset.

Already nicknamed the "mecca of kitesurfing", the village has certainly carved its name on the world map of the sport.

In addition, it has been inserted in the Route of Emotions, a tourist route which connects the city of Fortaleza (CE) to the city of São Luís (MA), passing through the west coast of the state of Ceará, where Jericoacoara beach is located, through the delta of the state of Parnaíba and the Lençóis Maranhenses, a mandatory route, you could say, for ecotourism enthusiasts.

Translated by SUGHEY RAMIREZ

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