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Published on 04/11/2016

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Street Carnival Spreads in Brazil and Includes Cities without Tradition in Touristic Routes

01/19/2017 - 13h33



Some things never fail: Brazilians complain of the high temperatures in January and say that it is too cold in July.

In December they want the year to end and in February and March they stop complaining for a few days during Carnival - with or without an economic crisis occurring.

Travel agencies say that the search for tickets, hotels and packages during the Carnival holidays is still high.

In addition to the traditionally sought after destinations, new cities that have invested in street Carnival and its free celebrations are now on the list as well.

The Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (Abav) is expecting an increase in the number of trips in this year's Carnival of between 5% and 6% in comparison with 2016.

Traditional destinations for those who enjoy Carnival parties, such as Salvador, Recife and Rio de Janeiro, are still in the tourists' route, as well as beach cities, like Fortaleza.

Online travel company says that, although Salvador is one of the most popular destinations, the number of tourists travelling to the city fell this year.

Packages to Florianópolis, which is not a typical destination during Carnival, are now among the top four best sellers.

"As people are short on money this year, destinations with Carnival street celebrations are more popular now," says André Alves, the country manager of

In addition to Florianópolis, the capitals Belo Horizonte and São Paulo city are also alternatives widely sought after. At CVC travel agency, the search for tickets to those cities began in 2016 and increased this year.

"In previous years, people only talked about Rio," says Edmar Bull, the president of the Abav. The menu has many more options now.

The new destinations have the advantage of providing different types of tours and moments without the excitement of Carnival for those who want to enjoy the city without a crowd.

And those who want to enjoy the parties have the option to attend the Carnival parades or follow the street bands.

Fernando Genaro/Folhapress
In a time of economic crisis, Carnival street celebrations are more popular
In a time of economic crisis, Carnival street celebrations are more popular

Translated by THOMAS MUELLO

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