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The Arembepe Village, Brazil's Last Hippie Community, Celebrates 50 Years

04/19/2018 - 10h49



The hippie village of Arembepe, in the State of Bahia, entered into worldwide fame 50 years ago when Mick Jagger visited it, turning it into a sanctuary for the counter-culture movement.

American singer Janis Joplin (1943-1970) followed on the British rock star's trail and visited Arembepe as well.

These visits by stars remain alive in the memory of Missiva Dourado, 71, the manager of the Pousada da Fazenda (Farm Lodge Inn), who has been a resident for 46 years.

Ben Tavener / Flickr
Aldeia Hippie - Arembepe, Bahia Trip to Salvador & Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil
Aldeia Hippie - Arembepe, Bahia Trip to Salvador & Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil

"Parties were watered with marijuana and sometimes, Artane [a drug used in treating Parkinson's disease] was around, which made folks really crazy", she said.

Located between the dunes that separate the ocean from the low-season's greatly diminished Rio Capivara (Capybara River), the locale currently has about 25 houses and 60 residents.

Raul Spinassé/Folhapress
Houses in Arembepe, Bahia
Houses in Arembepe, Bahia

Camouflaged in the middle of a land bar composed of sand and rock, the bungalows are made of a mixture mud, stones and glass bottles, which reminds one of Casapueblo, in Punta Ballena, Uruguay.

Almost no one today dates back to the time when cultural upheaval took over this little kind of parallel universe, according to artist Walter Cezar, 62, who lives in the house of local modern artist Luiz Lourenço.

Raul Spinassé/Folhapress
Arembepe Beach
Arembepe Beach

In the village, you can make a stop at Alceu's bar, which offers good conversation, and buy an adornment from the Centro de Artesanato (Artisan Center), the community's main bread-winner.

Another option is to visit the home where artist Cezar keeps his workshop, in addition to a collection of books and LP records for sale.

Raul Spinassé/Folhapress
Hozana Silva, 42, in the Arembepe Village
Hozana Silva, 42, in the Arembepe Village

During the high-season, the Capybara River invites you in for a swim.

Folk Healers Continue in the Land of Chica da Silva, in the Minas Gerais Countryside

Translated by LLOYD HARDER

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