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Warm Water, Constant Breeze and Deserted Beaches Attract Foreigners to Fortim, Ceará

06/19/2018 - 11h38



7 Points of Interest:

Roberto de Oliveira / Folhapress
Fortim, Ceará
Fortim, Ceará

1. The French

They love Fortim, which is located two hours from Fortaleza. About a hundred French live on and around the beaches. They've set up summer houses, restaurants and inns.

2. Pontal de Maceió (Maceió Point)

It's 4 AM. The sky is painted with stars and fishermen are starting to prepare their skiffs on the beach. The sun hasn't come out yet, but the water temperature is about 28º C (83º F). It's the perfect time to go diving and the see the twilight.

Dirceu Neto/Folhapress, REVISTA SÃOPAULO
Pontal de Maceió, Ceará
Pontal de Maceió, in Fortim, Ceará

3. Canto da Barra (Barra Song)

This is the most colorful region of Fortim due to the Kitesurfing where the Rio Jaguaribe meets the sea. The ideal place for practicing nautical sports.

Roberto de Oliveira / Folhapress
Canto da Barra, Ceará
Canto da Barra, in Fortim, Ceará

4. Agulhas

This beach is the picture-perfect definition of untouched nature. This is where you can see the "suspiro da baleia" (sigh of the whale), a natural effect caused by the force of the waves on the rocks.

Roberto de Oliveira / Folhapress
Fortim, Ceará
Fortim, Ceará

5. Pedrinhas

Along the way to the Barra do Rio Pirangi (Rio Pirangi earthen bar) you run across Pedrinhas: an extensive deserted beach area where you feel the invitation to stay as you came into the world and enjoy the charms of nature.

6. Jaguaribe

The most important in the State, the "Rio das Onças" (Jaguar River) covers nearly 600 km. Along its extension it waters 11 cities in Ceará until the waterfall in Fortim. Boat trips go through the mangroves stopping off at untouched sand dunes.

Roberto de Oliveira / Folhapress
Fortim, Ceará
Fortim, Ceará

7. Lodges

Located on the corner between the river and the sea, the Jaguaribe Lodge & Kite Hotel is made up of 16 bungalows in the middle of the dunes and coconut trees. Open to all, the restaurant sits facing the beach.

Translated by LLOYD HARDER

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