The Best of São Paulo chooses the best bars, restaurants, and goodies of São Paulo

The annual magazine selects the best places in the gastronomic capital of Brazil

São Paulo

Folha recently launched the "The Best of São Paulo," an annual magazine that selects the best restaurants, bars and specialty eateries in the gastronomic capital of Brazil.

The winners are divided into two criteria: by a jury, composed of professionals from Folha and other publications, and according to Datafolha, research conducted with the public.

Check out some of the winners.

Restaurants according to the jury

Maní is elected the best restaurant in São Paulo

Chef Helena Rizzo, one of the stars of Brazilian gastronomy, delivers an original cuisine based on Brazilian ingredients. House Classics are items such as manioc chips (R $ 24) and cashew ceviche with shards of caju and cachaça (R $ 46) for starters. For the mains, the fish of the day lacquered with black tucupi (R $ 98) comes with cabbage, mustard leaf, pear, and gohan.

Maní restaurant
Maní restaurant - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Jury elects Charco as the best novelty restaurant among São Paulo restaurants

Housed in a charming building with a rustic atmosphere, the restaurant has a menu guided by fire. The menu features items such as grilled carrots with tahini, carrot leaves and seeds and meat cutlet with manioc and vinaigrette. For dessert order, the one that brings variations of cocoa, honey, jelly,  butter, white chocolate, and milk.

Charco restaurant
Charco restaurant - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Portuguese restaurant Tasca da Esquina goes beyond cod to win over the public

Chef Vitor Sobral’s first restaurant in Brazil works as just like the main one in Lisbon. The menu explores traditional Portuguese recipes (and Brazilian), with original touches here and there, and brings together menu items such as cod moqueca, which arrives at the table with manioc with batter and cilantro. The sauteed squid with heart of palm is a great starter. The wine list includes those mainly from Portugal. 

Tasca da Esquina restaurant
Tasca da Esquina restaurant - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Balaio IMS, voted best restaurant of Brazilian food, has a mix of several national cuisines

Rodrigo Oliveira's Brazilian food restaurant, named the 2018 best new restaurant by the Best of São Paulo jury, is integrated into the Institute Moreira Salles. Unlike the sertaneja and classic Mocotó restaurant, the cuisine here brings flavors from all over the country with signature touches. The menu lists dishes such as bragantina sausage rice with ribs and okra (R $ 62) and options for sharing, like moqueca with cashews, heart of palm, plantains, red rice and coconut rice (R $ 105).

Balaio IMS restaurant - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

With a lean menu, Barú Marisquería is the best Latin American restaurant in São Paulo

Commandeered by chef Dagoberto Torres (formerly of Suri), the restaurant evokes a coastal environment with good seafood. Located in a lovely gated community on Augusta Street, it has a lean menu, with dishes such as tuna with peppers over fried plantains or octopus with grilled sausage, and served with pepper sauce and vegetables.

Barú Marisquería
Barú Marisquería restaurants - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Carlos Pizza is different from the São Paulo standard and is chosen the best in the city

Carlos Pizza has a new branch in Jardins that specializes individual pizzas made with natural rising dough and baked in a wood oven. It serves the same recipes as the original restaurant, which has radicchio, mozzarella, buffalo ricotta, parmesan and cured sausage pizza (R $ 46). Another one pizza is the São Bento, which combines speck, parmesan, burrata and parsley (R $ 56).

Carlos Pizza
Carlos Pizza - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Best place to eat meat, A Casa do Porco offers unusual combinations

On a corner in the Republic neighborhood, this place attracts lines (and more lines) of people who want chef Jefferson Rueda’s food. The flagship menu item is Sanzé fire-roasted pork served with beans, banana tartare, kale and farofa. Pork still appears in sushi, rice pudding, and even in buttermilk, which is especially good for cold days.

A Casa do Porco
A Casa do Porco - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Restaurants according to the Datafolha

D.O.M, Figueira Rubaiyat and Paris 6 are the favorite restaurants of Paulistanos

Alex Atala continues to impress with his modern and creative creations that value Brazilian ingredients. Baniwa pepper, for example, is imported from the upper Rio Negro region of the Amazon river and comes to the table in a recipe that combines cured sea bass, raw bean, and açaí citrus broth. Foreign influences also feature in the menu, such as aligot, which is a potato and cheese puree, and quail with liver pâté and cachaça plus grilled pineapple and cacao from Combu Island in Belém (PA). The set menu has seven or ten dishes, and the chef also prepares a vegetarian menu.

D.O.M. - Ricardo D'Angelo/Divulgação


Mediterranean dishes such as cod confit with potatoes, olive vinaigrette and tomato (R $ 105) compete with the meats from the Rubaiyat Farm. The baby beef ($ 141) pairs well with souffle potatoes ($ 34). On Saturdays, the feijoada with a buffet of desserts is R$ 115 per person.

Figueira Rubaiyat
Figueira Rubaiyat - FOLHAPRESS

Frequented by a young audience and actors, it has operated uninterrupted for years and often has queues. 

Paris 6
Paris 6 - Instagram/paris_6

Off the beaten track, Mocotó is the favorite Brazilian restaurant of the has Paulistanos

At chef Rodrigo Oliveira’s (also of Balaio) first restaurant, the public queues, especially on weekends, to taste their traditional sertaneja food. In an informal atmosphere, almost bar, you can eat the famous little duck tapioca (R $ 16,90, with six units) or split a double dish (R $ 49,90). For sipping, get the cashew buddy (R $ 26,90), as well as the many caipirinhas of the house.

Mocotó - Divulgação

Consulado Mineiro is a favorite of Paulistas for the second consecutive year

There are three branches of the restaurant, whose main attraction is an extensive list of recipes from the farms of Minas Gerais: from the ribs with okra, cabbage, angu, beans and rice (R $ 102, serves two) to pig and fried pork, served with mashed beans, farofa, cabbage and rice (R $ 122, serves three).

Consulado Mineiro
Consulado Mineiro - Divulgação

São Paulo public elects 1900, Bráz and Veridiana as their favorite pizzerias

Gennarino is the secret of the beautiful homemade dough. This is the name of natural yeast used in the preparation of the crusts. For starters, get the Corniccione Bráz, thin crust with olive oil, rosemary and coarse salt ($ 22). The pizza that carries the name of the hammock takes slices of zucchini, mozzarella, garlic, and grana padano (R $51, individual).

Bráz Pizzaria
Bráz Pizzaria - Ricarod D'Angelo/Divulgação

Before reaching the diner's table, the dough rests for 48 hours. The flagship dish of the restaurant is burrata al pesto, which includes creamy buffalo mozzarella, fresh diced tomatoes and Genoese pesto (R$ 89 eight pieces).

Dona Veridiana
Dona Veridiana - Divulgação

Bars according to the jury

With a special menu of Negronis, Apothek is elected best bar of São Paulo

Alê d'Agostino led Spot's bar for 18 years. In 2015, he founded a company of bottled drinks in this small space, under a gallery in Pinheiros. This gave birth to a bar that opens only on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. There are creations and classics, such as the Tuxedo, with gin, sherry, vermouth, and Marasque liquor.

Apothek - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Best of all, Bar dos Arcos compensates for the wait with a bold and visual menu

In the underground of the Municipal Theater, the bar has large bright balconies and exposed brick walls. It serves wines, beers, and the drinks menu is written by the Argentine Chula Barmaid, who created a drink with gin, lychee, lemon, aquafaba and raspberry sugar (R $ 37).

Bar do Arcos
Bar do Arcos - Instagram/bardosarcos

Voted best beer bar, Perro Libre only serves the brand's beer

The bar of the gaucho brewery bets on self-service: the clientele uses a card to fill their glasses. The 15 taps include draft beer like the recent Dame Ipa, a balanced pale ale, with little bitterness. The kitchen has dishes inspired by Latin American cuisine, such as fish and mango ceviche.

Perro Libre
Perro Libre - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Elected best boteco bar,  A Dama e os Vagabundos brings the flavor of New York to Barra Funda

Rock sounds emerge from this bar. The musical genre sets the tone of the decor, a vintage style. It is possible to order cuts of meat or sandwiches, like sausage with chimichurri and onions. For drinking, there are classic drinks like Boulevardier,  as well as beers.

Prato de carne com laranjas
A Dama e os Vagabundos - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Bars according to the Datafolha

Bar Brahma wins in four categories of the Datafolha survey

Located at the most iconic corner of the city, the 71-year-old bar maintains programming dedicated to Brazilian music, from MPB to sertanejo. While the audience appreciates the sound, they also enjoy the Brahma draft beer (R$ 9.40) and the minced meat with beer sauce and rice, farofa, fried egg, and banana fritters ($ 46). On Saturdays, there is feijoada with samba ($ 96, for two).

Bar Brahma
Bar Brahma - Gladstone Campos/Divulgação

Open 24 hours, Estadão is a favorite bar of the Paulistanos to go to in a group

The ham sandwich with chili, tomato, and onion sauce (R$16) brought fame to this classic address of the city. The baloney snack (R $ 7) is tasty as well. To go with the feast, there are beers like the Skol long neck (R $ 7). The bar operates 24 hours a day.

Estadão - Gui Gomes/Folhapress

Veloso and Sujinho stand out among the public of São Paulo for iconic snacks

It is one of the most popular bars in São Paulo and often has long lines of people waiting to get in and taste the coxinha, star of the bar. Individual or small portions arrive warm at the table, with a crunchy crust and creamy chicken and Catupiry filling. Waiters circulate the hall serving the light draft Brahma, which features alongside a selection of caipirinhas, such as mandarin orange with pepper.

Bar Veloso
Bar Veloso - Leo Feltran/Divulgação

For over 50 years, this restaurant has been helping the night owls at dawn. At the tables on the sidewalk or in the lounge with the face of a boteco, the steak is served with Portuguese fries (chips). Please note: the restaurant does not accept debit or credit cards.

Sujinho - Divulgação


As the Best breakfast in SP, Futuro Refeitório occupies old parking lot

Chef Gabriela Barretto (Chou)’s new restaurant occupies an old parking lot, which also houses her bakery and coffee roaster. Recipes highlight vegetables and cereals, like eggplant miso and black rice with pumpkin, coconut chips, and seeds. Also, the breakfast items shine - do not forget to taste the toasts, made with home-made bread. 

Futuro Refeitório
Futuro Refeitório - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

With homemade bread and an eclectic menu, Fabrique is voted best bakery in São Paulo

José Carlos Gomes, born in a family of Portuguese bakers, goes beyond his origins and prepares Italian and French recipes. The flagship dish, the croissant costs R $ 7.80, while the traditional baguette goes for R $ 8. Pay attention to the original recipes, such as cocoa bread (R $ 12), which has chocolate, Callebaut chocolate, and orange zest.

Fabrique - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Place of experimentation, Coffee Lab is elected best coffee shop in SP

In the coffee shop of the award-winning barista Isabela Raposeiras, the grains of special microlotes are roasted and ground right there and extracted using various methods. Expressos costs R $ 6.50 and the value of the drinks prepared in the Hario filter, the Clever and the Aeropress varies according to the ingredients. The menu gathers some rituals for those who want to know a little more about the subject, like the number one ($ 18), which brings to the table two cups of filtered coffee, one made with ordinary coffee and another with a special coffee. To eat, there are options like the organic brioche tosche with Mineiro cheese ($ 17). The cafe also sells packs of coffee and accessories for customers. 

Coffee Lab
Coffee Lab - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Best burger, Z Deli excels with unsweetened delicacy and good music

The chain inaugurated its third restaurant in December of 2017, in a glassy property in the region of the Republic. On the menu, the restaurant's traditional snacks appear: pastrami sandwich, burgers, hot dogs, and the smoked salmon snack. For drinking, it offers iced teas and a few drinks.

Z Deli
Z Deli - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Chosen the best confectionery in São Paulo, Marilia Zylbersztajn puts sugar on the back burner

This is a confectionery that is minimalist in decorations. The pies reflect the amount of sugar used in the recipes. With sweetness used sparingly, Marilia Zylbersztajn preserves characteristics of the ingredients, like the pie filled with a Sicilian lemon cream (R $ 12 a slice), in which the fruit's pleasant acidity is pronounced.

Marilia Zylbersztajn
Marilia Zylbersztajn - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Dengo, voted the best chocolate, compensates the high price with flavor and sustainability

Luciana Lobo launched Dengo to bring the consumer closer to Brazilian products - it uses cacao from Bahia. The candies valorize fillings with national flavors: jabuticaba, chestnut, cajá, and mangaba, among others. A highlight is the breaker, bars with flavors like pineapple with coconut and cashew nuts with cupuaçu.

Dengo - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Jury elects Bacio di Latte, faithful to its Italian roots, as Best Ice Cream Parlor in SP

Just over six years after the inauguration of the first shop in São Paulo, the brand now has 27 points of sale in the city (between stores and kiosks). Produced daily, the gelato is displayed in the shop window, in flavors such as Belgian chocolate, red fruit yogurt and the name of the house, made with milk and cream. They can be ordered in three options of small size (R $ 11.75), medium (R $ 13.75) and large (R $ 16.75), with up to three flavors per cup. There is also the largest size (R $ 25), with four flavors.

Bacio di Latte
Bacio di Latte - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress

Best ice cream shop, Frida & Mina captivates patrons with homemade ice cream cones

It is common to find people occupying the sidewalk in front of this Pinheiros ice cream parlor. Standing or sitting on benches, customers sample ice creams made with fresh ingredients, many of them organic. In the artisanal cone ($ 10, a scoop), you can combine flavors like caramel and salt and strawberry with balsamic vinegar.

Frida & Mina
Frida & Mina - Keiny Andrade/Folhapress