Good Food Finally Arrives on Rio de Janeiro's Beaches

At least three new gastronomy outlets opened up on the waterfront this year

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When the Portuguese navigator Gaspar de Lemos arrived in Guanabara Bay in 1502, he starred in an episode forgotten by the textbooks.

Hungry and thirsty, the sailor landed on the beach. For ten gold coins, a tamoio indigenous person sold him hot coconut water and tapir-soaked fried fish. This was the beginning of 517 years of average snacks on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro finally offers high-quality food options at the beach (Foto: Zo Guimaraes/Folhapress, TURISMO )

Now, for the first time, Rio de Janeiro finally offers high-quality food options on the beach. In 2019, the waterfront that runs from Leme to Leblon gained at least three gastronomy stars.

The Arpoador Hotel has overhauled its restaurant, which is now called Arp. And the beach kiosks were reinforced by the bar Aconchego Carioca (by chef Kátia Barbosa) and Marea, which belongs to the Fasano hotel.

The Arp, which replaces the Azul Marinho boat, stands out from other hotel restaurants for three reasons: it is glued to the beach, with no promenade between them, and has an independent entrance, without having to cross a reception. Third advantage? The food, of course, with a menu created by chef Roberta Sudbrack.

The biggest attraction is the breakfast. You don't have to stay to sit at an outdoor table and wait for the sequence of delights that are brought out: homemade breads, juice, creamy scrambled eggs, artisan cheese, jam.

If you prefer to order from the menu, you can choose rancheros eggs (Mexican recipe with beans and cheese), pancakes and tapioca, among other alternatives.

For lunch or dinner, the place invests in signature dishes, such as scallops in charred burnt butter. As a hotel is a hotel, it also has a choice for a conservative taste: green pepper steak and Roberta Sudbrack's famous hamburger.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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