Discover Olinda's Baroque Churches and Craft Workshops

One weekend is enough to visit one of the oldest cities in the country, founded in 1535

Olinda (PE)

With the end of Carnival, the narrow and steep streets of Olinda will be open to anyone looking to immerse themselves in the history of one of the oldest cities in the country, which, founded in 1535, still preserves its historical and cultural heritage.

Getting to know Olinda does not require the company of guides. A more comfortable way to face the uphill and downhill slopes is to wear a pair of sneakers since the pavement is old and made of stones.

Historic site of Olinda (old city), Pernambuco. (Foto: Adriano Vizoni/Folhapress, REVISTA SAOPAULO) - Folhapress

It is sunny and hot almost all year round, and the rains only arrive between April and July.

A weekend can be enough to get to know the set of Baroque churches and observe the colorful colonial houses, many of which now house cafes and ateliers.

Everywhere, paintings, sculptures, woodcuts, and traditional giant dolls adorn the historic area.

The blue, red, green, and ocher of the houses contrast with the gray of the streets and blend with the green tones of the yards and the sea.

The layout and occupation of the territory of the historic site of Olinda (old city), with a strong tradition and Lusitanian influence. Colonial architecture was preserved, above all, in religious monuments, churches, and convents of the main religious orders at the time, such as Benedictines, Franciscans, and Carmelites.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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