Here Are Safety Tips for Nature Tourism

Accidents like the one in Capitólio call attention to safety in this environment

Gabi Dourado

There are an endless number of reasons to spend a few days off amid nature. However, the amount of caution required with immersion tourism in more rustic environments is also extensive.

"Nature is not a playground," says tourist agent Diego Lopes de Abreu, a trail specialist in Ceará.

Alto Paraíso, GO. 09/12/2021. Chapada dos Veadeiros. ( Lalo de Almeida/ Folhapress )

Accidents such as the collapse of rocks in a canyon in Furnas Lake, in Capitólio (MG), are a sign that these trips warrant preparation so that the dream of connecting with nature does not become a tragic story.

Among the essential items that tourists should take on any endeavor are a first-aid kit, flashlight, pocketknife, five-meter rope and a lighter.

The rainy season is usually the favorite for those looking for waterfalls with large volumes of water, as they provide a natural spectacle. But it is also the most popular time.

"It only takes heavy rain for a large volume of water to reach the waterfall. This can drag tourists and also bring branches, and rocks, which can injure them," says biologist Aline Marcele Ghilardiorienta.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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