Brazil Extends Operation For Venezuelan Refugees In Roraima

The program that receives the immigrants and sends them to different parts of the country was funded only until March

Fabiano Maisonnave Avener Prado
Boa Vista

The Bolsonaro administration decided to extend Operação Acolhida (Operation Welcome) a program created to receive Venezuelans who arrive at the state of Roraima after fleeing the Maduro regime and afterward sending them to other parts of Brazil.

Governor Antonio Denarium (PSL) announced the extension during a visit from senior cabinet officers to the program. The budget approved by the prior administration had set a March 31st for the operation to be over.

General Eduardo Pazuello, who commands Operação Acolhida, said that another 12 months of operation had been already budgeted, but the matter was still being discussed.

Ministers flew to Boa Vista to check on the situation of Venezuelan refugees in the state of Roraima - Avener Prado/Folhapress

The expedition visit is the first time that Ministers from the Bolsonaro administrations visit the state since the president was sworn into office on January 1st.

When asked about an eventual border closing, Ministry of Defense Fernando Azevedo said that the possibility is off the table for now. "How can we turn our backs to the Venezuelans," he said, during a press conference.


In an article published on Thursday (17th) on a newspaper from Roraima's capital, the president said that "Brazil could never abandon hundreds of Venezuelans to their fate, people that are trying every day to survive the humanitarian crisis of their country."

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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