Brazilian General Assigned To The US Southern Command

Negotiations started during the Temer administration; it's the first time an officer from Brazil takes part in the organization

Brazil will have for the first time a general assigned to the Southern Command, the United States Army's unit that coordinates American strategic and military interests in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

The Brazilian Army appointed Major General Alcides Valeriano de Faria Júnior, currently stationed at Ponta Grossa (PR), for the role.

The negotiations started early last year. The gained speed because the current officer occupying the role, from Chile, decided to leave his posting before the end of his term, in November.

Major-general Alcides Valeriano de Faria Júnior - Facebook

Faria Júnior will be the Southern Command's deputy commander of interoperability, and he will be responsible for facilitating communication between Armed Forces in the region. He is expected to move to Florida, where the Command's headquarters are located, in March.

The appointment was first reported on Wednesday (13th) by the newspaper Valor Econômico. The piece quoted a speech from Southern Command's chief, Admiral Craig Faller, to the US Senate.

Faller traveled to Brazil this week to discuss military cooperation and the crisis in Venezuela. He met with Foreign Affairs Minister Ernesto Araújo and officers from the Brazilian Department of Defense.

Since the negotiation was already ongoing last year, there are no grounds to say that the appointment is part of president Bolsonaro's strategy to establish an alliance with the Trump administration.

Translated by NATASHA MADOV

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