Lisboa University Student Group Places Sign on A Box of Stones, Encouraging People to "to Throw" Stones Brazilians

Portuguese association said it was satire; attitude generates protests from immigrants

On Monday (29) Brazilian students at the Lisboa University Law School became enraged after encountering a box of stones with the explicit sign: “free to throw at a zuca [perjorative word for Brazilians.]

The Tertulia Libertas student group acknowledged responsibility for the polarizing box. According to the group, the act was not xenophobic, but a satirical message about the large number of Brazilians at the law school. 

Dozens of Brazilian students protested against the sign, which was removed by its authors. The Brazilians organized a protest with flags at the door of the school. 

The box of stones with the explicit sign: “free to throw at a zuca [perjorative word for Brazilians.] - Giuliana Miranda/Folhapress

The judge Daniela Hampe, who is studying for her master’s at the school, interrupted her studies to join her colleagues at the protest. 

“This is not a joke. It was an incitement to violence, it was there for everyone to see,” she said. 

Brazilian Moisés Souza, also a master’s student, said that this was not the first protest against prejudice and xenophobia at the university, particularly that produced by the professors. 

“If it’s a joke, then it must be funny for everyone to laugh at. It was extremely offensive,” he said. 

One of the creators of the installation said that students are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the large presence of Brazilians in the master's course, mainly because Brazilians are taking the places of the Portuguese. 

According to her, the Brazilian undergraduate universities grade easier than Portuguese institutions so Brazilians have better grades than the Portuguese when applying to law school. 

“I understand the point of view of them, but why didn't they use official canals to complain? Or why not attack those who are responsible for selecting the master’s students, instead of the Brazilian students?,” said Flora Almeida, a master’s student

Through a spokesperson, the rector of the University of Lisbon said he was outraged by the box of stones and the anti-Brazilian message. According to the rectory, it is now studying the "establishment of a commission to investigate" the action.

The law faculty , on the other hand, did not explicitly condemn the installation.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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