Bolsonaro Arrives at Japan's G20 Summit Amid International Controversy

President rebutted the German chancellor about the environment

Osaka (Japão)

Jair Bolsonaro made his debut at the G20 summit this Friday (28) amid pressure from international leaders on Brazilian environmental policy and the negative repercussions of the arrest of a military man carrying 39 kg of cocaine on board the presidential aircraft.

Bolsonaro landed on Thursday (27) in Japan and was visibly irritated and impatient during an interview on arrival at the hotel.

In a two-minute talk, he rebutted German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said she was worried about deforestation in the Amazon and intended to have a "clear conversation" with Bolsonaro. The president replied that he would not accept being talked down to by other countries during the G20.

"They [Germans] have to learn a lot from us. The president of Brazil who is here is not like some of the previous ones who came here to be talked down to by other countries," he said. "No, the situation here is respect for Brazil. We will not accept treatment as in the past."

President Jair Bolsonaro in Osaka. Foto: Alan Santos / PR

Bolsonaro also faces the international embarrassment of imprisoned Sergeant Sergeant Manoel Silva Rodrigues, accused of using an Air Force plane to transport drugs to Spain.

"It was a lack of luck to happen exactly at the time of a world event," said Minister Augusto Heleno (Office of Institutional Security). "And it will have worldwide repercussion that would not have had at another time."

Arriving in Osaka, Bolsonaro said little and was silent for minutes when reporters questioned him about what message he would bring to the summit. First, he said that he came "to speak and to hear."

After consistent prodding by the press, he paused and said irritably, "You want me to say what?" In response, he answered, laconically, that it will deal with industry, the internet, and the environment.

With no official commitments on the first day in Japan, Bolsonaro walked through the Osaka trading area and took photos. 

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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