Bolsonaro Told Trump that He Is against Military Operations in Venezuela

Conversation between leaders happened at the G20 summit in Japan


President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) set aside his pubic support of Donald Trump by dismissing Brazil’s participation in a possible military action in Venezuela.

At a bilateral meeting at the G20 summit, he told Trump that one had to think about the future and that Brazil could not adopt this line in South America.

Jair Bolsonaro with Donald J. Trump, in Japan. Foto: Alan Santos / PR

At a meeting on June 28 in Japan, Bolsonaro departed from the worship publicly manifested to his counterpart and took a pragmatic line in presenting concerns about the suggested venture, according to Talita Fernandes.

This was the second meeting of the leaders. Folha reconstituted the dialogue between them with people present.

At the time, Trump was willing to join Brazil to bring about change in Venezuela, and probed whether Bolsonaro saw the possibility of a joint military intervention - readily shot down by Bolsonaro.

The conversation shows a difference from the Brazilian in his public and private statements.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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