United States Plans to Accelerate Deportation of Brazilians

Trump government wants to use more charter flights to return irregular immigrants


Donald Trump's government wants to increase the number of charter flights to deport Brazilians for irregular immigration. The number of Brazilians seized trying to cross the US border irregularly broke a record 18,000 in 2019 - and Americans are looking for solutions to speed up the process of these expulsions.

Using leased aircraft to deport undocumented migrants is an old practice — and the US government bears the costs. However, the scheme has rarely been applied to Brazilians.

According to President Jair Bolsonaro's aides, the number of citizens seized in recent years was not so high. There was still — from Brazil — political resistance from previous governments to authorize such flights.

Late last year, the Trump administration consulted formally with the Brazilian authorities requesting the authorization of more charter flights.

According to interlocutors heard by Folha, Itamaraty said it would review the request. Itamaraty has yet to send a formal response to the State Department in Washington.

In 2019, Brazil ok'd a single aircraft to return 70 Brazilians that the US deported. The plane landed at the end of October at Confins Airport (MG).

According to the Brazilian Chancellery, in recent years, there was another charter flight recorded in October 2017.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon