Out-of-control Coronavirus May Render Brazilians Banned from Entering other Countries

European Union instructed members to verify pandemic situation before opening borders


With no clear policy for controlling coronavirus within the country, Brazilians may find themselves banned from European countries when international travel resumes.

Criteria adopted by the European Union in the guidelines released this Wednesday (13) for the reopening of internal borders will allow entry residents of states with “an epidemiological situation in a positive and similar evolution” concerning Covid-19 (a disease caused by coronavirus), with the consolidation of “a sufficiently low transmission rate.”

Viracopos airport. (Diego Padgurschi /Folhapress - MERCADO) - Folhapress

The most important indicator is the contagion rate (Rt), which shows how many people, on average, each infected person transmits the coronavirus. When it is above 1, the disease is out of control, and the infection is accelerating.

The estimated contagion rate for Brazil is not only twice that which is considered minimally acceptable but is also among the highest among 54 countries monitored by Imperial College (reference center in epidemic control), according to a study published this Wednesday (13).

The center calculates an Rt of 2 for Brazil. That is, each infected Brazilian transmits the coronavirus to two other people, who, in turn, transmit it to two more, causing exponential growth in the number of cases.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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