Itamaraty Helped Weintraub's Entry into the US

Ministry of Foreign Affairs applied for a visa for diplomatic passport on the day the former education holder announced his departure


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that it interceded at the United States embassy to obtain a visa for former Education Minister Abraham Weintraub.

The visa was requested in the diplomatic passport of the former MEC leader, who would not take a position at the World Bank.

In response to two requests via the Access to Information Law, Itamaraty replied that Weintraub himself communicated to Chancellor Ernesto Araújo that he wanted to become executive director at the World Bank. For this reason, the ex-minister requested that Itamaraty's "good offices" to apply for a visa.

Weintraub's request to Ernesto Araújo took place on June 18, precisely the day the minister and President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) published a video in which they announced his departure. Weintraub told Araújo that he intends to travel as "as soon as possible".

Abraham Weintraub. (Foto: Abraham Weintraub no Twitter)

"On the occasion, Mr. Weintraub presented a letter dated June 17, 2020, and requested the good offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for applicants for entry visas in the United States ", said the response.

The answer further clarified that the visa application was forwarded to the American Embassy on the same day.

Two days later, his brother Arthur Weintraub posted on social media that Abraham was already on American territory.

When sought, a United States Embassy did not respond until the conclusion of that text, if granted or seen to the then minister or if he traveled with another document that did not pass through the diplomatic.

Abraham Weintraub is being investigated by the STF (Supreme Federal Court), with no scope for researching false news. During the ministerial meeting on April 22, the content of which was released by a Supreme Court decision, Weintraub also said that they should put "vagabonds in jail" and "start with the STF".

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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