Bolsonaro Ignores Biden's Victory in Social Media Live

President is silent as world leaders congratulate Democrat; auxiliaries press by sending message

Unlike other world leaders, President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) has yet to publicly congratulate Joe Biden on his victory in the American election.

The Brazilian leader did not publicly congratulate the Democrat, whose victory in the November 3 dispute was declared shortly after 1:20 pm on Saturday (7).

BRASILIA, DF , 05.11.2020 , BRASIL , Bolsonaro ignores Biden's victory in social media live. Credit: Jair Bolsonaro/ Facebook

The president continued to post on social media after the announcement of Biden's victory, but none on the topic. In response to messages on the profiles of Secom (Special Secretariat for Social Communication) and Minister Rogério Marinho (Regional Development), Bolsonaro published flags of Brazil.

The president also did a live on his Facebook profile, in which he commented on the energy crisis in Amapá and advertised for candidates he supports in the municipal elections. But nothing about the USA.

"You are seeing the issues in the world, as is the politics in the world. Each one has their opinion; you have to discuss, you have to see that in South America several countries are being painted once again in red," if to say the president.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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