Environmental Risk of The Bolsonaro Government Halts Brazil's Entry into The OECD

Country has possibility to be approved by committee, but discussion was suspended after Human Rights Watch complaint

The OECD's environmental policy committee canceled a planned discussion about upgrading Brazil's status in the international body. Brazil is a guest on the committee but claims the status of member. This typically accelerates the process of adhering to the institution's environmental guidelines, a mandatory part of the entry into the agency.

Entry into the OECD, a kind of club for rich countries, is one of Bolsonaro's highest priorities. In the government's view, it would be a way to increase confidence in the country and attract more investment.

As shown in a document obtained by Folha, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría had recommended that, during the February 9 meeting, members approve Brazil's upgrade and the acceleration of adherence to the guidelines.

However, after all Committee members received a letter from the human rights NGO Human Rights Watch with questions about Bolsonaro's environmental policy, Brazil was removed from the February 9 meeting agenda.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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