The US Ambassador Considers that The Summit Is Bolsonaro's Last Chance Regarding Environmental Goals

Todd Chapman participated in a virtual meeting with Brazilian politicians, diplomats and businessmen


The US government considers Joe Biden's Climate Leaders Summit for next week to be the last chance for Brazil to restore Americans' confidence and expand relationships with the White House.

Todd Chapman, US ambassador to Brazil gave this blunt message during a virtual private meeting on Sunday (11) with Brazilian politicians, economists, diplomats and businessmen.

U.S. Ambassador Todd Chapman. REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli - REUTERS

Participants at the meeting, promoted by the Parliamentary Group, told Folha that Chapman was firm in saying that the environment will guide relations between Brazil and the USA. The trade agreements between the two countries and Brazil's entry into the OECD, for example, depend on the latitude of the plan that the Jair Bolsonaro government will present at the summit organized by Biden, between April 22nd and 23rd.

The diplomat stated that there is a perception that illegal deforestation in the Amazon has grown a lot and that this "is not a communication problem," as Bolsonaro's assistants justify, but a reality that needs to be reversed, including with the involvement of the private sector.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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