Brazil Worsens in Corruption, Income and Democracy Rankings

In 20 years, the country has worsened 7 of 8 indices; biggest drop occurred in economic freedom

São Paulo

During the last two decades, Brazil has worsened, compared to other countries, in terms of democratic solidity, freedom of the business environment, complexity of exports, combating corruption, income, productivity and security.

The country was surpassed in seven out of eight rankings that assess relevant questions for investors, multilateral entities and non-governmental organizations, according to a survey by Folha.

Only the Human Development Index (HDI) improved. The series were observed from the year in which the number of listed nations was equal or similar to the current one, preventing the expansion from affecting the order.

The biggest drop was in the Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom: 38 places. Brazil still lost economic sophistication, shows an indicator from Harvard University – which, with the worst performance in productivity, makes it difficult to keep growth high. This raises the risk of political upheaval and violence.

In a recent report, Transparency International points out that Brazil is facing “serious setbacks in the fight against corruption.” The country lost 22 positions in the ranking that indicates the perception of the problem around the world between 2007 and 2020.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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