Argentina Suspends Search for Plane with Brazilians that Disappeared in Patagonia

Operation found no traces six days after losing contact with monitoring centers

After six days of searching for the Brazilian single-engine aircraft in Argentina, the authorities announced its second suspension of the operation.

In a note to the Ministry of Equipment, the Air Navigation Company (Argentina) stated that, despite its exercises, it was not possible to find traces of the aircraft or equipment.

The plane was a single-engine Van's Aircraft RV-10, code PP-ZRT, and carried businessman Antônio Carlos de Castro Ramos, a builder from Santa Catarina, doctor Gian Carlo Nercolini and lawyer Mário Pinho.

The aircraft, which had all its documents up to date in the city of Anac and belonged to the businessman, took off last Wednesday (6) from Chubut, a city in the extreme south of Argentina. But it lost contact with the monitoring stations at the height of Bahía Bustamante, also located in the province.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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