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Privacy Policy - Folha de S.Paulo

This document addresses the privacy policy to regulate the handling and protection of personal data related to readers and users of the websites and apps of Empresa Folha da Manhã S.A., headquartered at Alameda Barão de Limeira, No. 425, Campos Elíseos, in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, enrolled with the Brazilian National Corporate Taxpayers’ Registry “CNPJ/MF” under No. 60.579.703/0001-48 (“Folha”).

As you access Folha's websites and apps for tablets and mobile phones, information about pages visited, as well as your browser, IP address, operating system, among other information, may be recorded.

Some pages may also use cookies; cookies are small files installed by websites in computers when the internet browser is used. Such files can identify if a same device has visited the website before, if the user is registered or not, or if the user is a subscriber, according to data provided freely and willingly by users themselves in a prior registration.

In order to navigate through some of the areas of Folha's websites, to use some of our services, or to be entitled to access a greater number of free articles, users may be required to identify themselves by means of registration and to accept the use of cookies.

The amount of information requested at registration varies according to the service to be used; however, all information provided by users shall comply with the rules set forth herein and shall be used for the following purposes:

  •  To inform users about content published by Folha and about the company’s new products
  •  To continually update users’ data so that users may be contacted by telephone, electronic mail, and direct mail;
  •  To analyze general website use statistics without individually identifying users, in order to improve navigation experience
  •  To respond to readers’ doubts and requests
  •  To conduct communication and relationship marketing campaigns
  •  To promote special offers from partners

The aforementioned activities, except those which do not individually identify users, are subject to users’ express authorization in order to be performed. Such authorization shall be requested when users register and it may be changed at any time, by visiting Thus, you are entitled to request that any personal information provided to Folha be changed, updated, and removed.

Messages sent by e-mail shall include the option to unsubscribe from newsletters. If you receive any offers claiming to have been sent by Folha, and want to verify their authenticity, you may contact Folha at

E-mails may be sent from servers of a company engaged by Folha. Such company shall not store nor use, in any manner and under any circumstance, users’ data for any purpose other than the sending of messages, according to users’ authorization and preferences provided at registration.

Folha shall use all means required to protect data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The information shall be included in Folha's database and kept at Folha's headquarters, and access to such data shall be restricted to Folha’s authorized persons and personnel.

Users’ data shall never be transferred by Folha to third parties, other than partners or companies engaged for the aforementioned purposes, without users’ prior authorization, except in the event of a court decision. Furthermore, users’ information shall not be used for any purpose except that for which it was collected. In the event of undue use of data, those responsible shall be subject to legal and administrative sanctions.

Users are responsible for safekeeping their passwords and usernames, as well as for ensuring the accuracy of other information in their registration. Users may change such information at any time by accessing

Each and every user who accepts to provide their personal information shall be considered by Folha as having accepted and being aware of the terms established herein.

This policy is solely applicable to websites owned by Folha.

When accessing links to other websites, you must verify their respective privacy policies and approach to data. Folha is not liable for any websites outside its domain, and it has no control over privacy, contents, confidentiality, or consequences of their use.

Folha may amend this policy at any time. In the event of changes to any of the items hereunder, such changes shall be reported to all registered readers, and the new text shall be published on this page.

Regardless of a notice, we recommend that you access this page frequently to ensure you agree with any changes.

Folha is committed to continuously improving its controls to update, manage, export, and delete personal data, improving its systems in compliance with data protection regulations in force which may affect its readers. Folha undertakes to provide technical details, should there be interest, regarding data processing in the company.

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