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Meat And Buffet Stand Out In A Figueira And Baby Beef Rubaiyat

His excellence, the beef, reigns at A Figueira Rubaiyat and its cousin, Baby Beef.

At Haddock Lobo street branch, the ancient fig tree almost obscures the restaurant's raison d'être, the succulent, tender beef.

A Ferrari parked at the door indicates that the place is expensive, and a joke is even made of it. One of the meals is called the Stonemason's Fillet Steak (Filet Mignon de Pedreiro) and costs R$ 99.

At the Baby Beef, the star attraction is the buffet, culminating in a grill where nacos of picanha (Brazil's prime cut of beef), chouriço sausage and the cut that lends its name to the restaurant are barbecued to order.

Also available are some fine-looking

shrimps, however given the abundance of beef, I must confess that I ignored them.

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