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Survey Reveals The Best Restaurants And Bars Of São Paulo

For the fourth consecutive year sãopaulo magazine has used the Datafolha survey to listen to habitués of bars and restaurants in São Paulo. By doing so, we give consumers a chance to voice their opinion about those frugal services. Using scientific sampling, the survey reveals preferences and profiles of those who live in the city.

A total of 966 restaurants goers and 887 bars goers in all os São Paulo districts were interviewed, composing a picture of the contrasts between the various regions. The survey contemplated people in household incomes of at least five minimum monthly wages (R$ 3,620, approx. US$ 1,630 in May 2014) and who frequent bars and restaurants at least twice a week.

By listening to those customers, Datafolha allows our readers a close view of their opinion on quality of service, brands reputation and the image associated with the restaurants and bars. Adding this information to the opinion of the judges panel will give you a very thorough menu of choices.

O melhor de São Paulo