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Fasano Is The Public's Chosen One In São Paulo

The voters who elect Fasano the city's best restaurant every year are not its exclusive clientele, nor the jury members, all foodies and experts. They are the people of São Paulo interviewed by Datafolha.

Those people may eat at cheap joints every day, but for them Fasano is at the top, even if they have never set foot on the ritzy French black marble floor of the restaurant.

Dominating the popular imagination and becoming the "top of mind" in its class is no easy feat. A brand built on excellence, Fasano has been reaping for years both the bonus of occupying the Mount Olympus of São Paulo gastronomy and the onus of not being allowed to make mistakes.

Nothing but the very best is expected from the dining experience here —and the prices are as high as the standards. From the ballet of the maîtres and waiters to the food itself, everything seems orchestrated to be impeccable. And it is.



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