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17 Year Old Girl Victim of Gang Rape Dies in Piauí State

06/11/2015 - 09h56



With a heavy voice, the trader Jorge Feitosa, 51, seeks to understand what happened to his 17 year old daughter, Danielly Rodrigues Feitosa, on May 27th.

The teenager went out with three friends for a stroll around Castelo do Piauí, located 190 km from Teresina, in the northeastern state of Piaui, and ended up tied, beaten, raped, stoned and thrown off a ten meter cliff.

She resisted for ten days until she died of internal bleeding last Sunday, June 7th. Two of her friends are still hospitalized, although not under risk of death, and the third friend is already home.

The survivors pointed to five suspects - four are between 15 and 17 years old and the fifth is a 41 year-old man. The brutality of the crime has shocked the population, inciting protests and uproar across the city.

The four girls - one is 15, another is 16 and two are 17 years old - were taking photos of the city when they were approached by the criminals. This was when the torture began.

They were tied up and then repeatedly raped. They were beaten with fists, strangled and thrown off a cliff. The criminals also threw stones at the girls. They were found unconscious, half-naked and covered in blood and bruises.

They were sent to the capital of Piauí state, Teresina, where their condition shocked the doctors. One of them had a crushed skull and lost brain matter.

Another suffered fractures to the wrist and ankle. Danielly was admitted with facial injuries, a fractured jaw and several edema in the chest. It appears that the stones thrown at her chest were instrumental to her death.

Three of the four teenagers, that were under aged, confessed to the crime, but one denies involvement. The man Adão José Sousa, 41, has also denied taking part in the gang rape. The teenagers said to the police they had taken drugs before the attack.


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Thiago Amaral/Cidade Verde
The 17 year old Danielly Rodrigues Feitosa, victim of a gang rape, died in the state of Piauí, on Sunday (7)
The 17 year old Danielly Rodrigues Feitosa, victim of a gang rape, died in the state of Piauí, on Sunday (7)

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