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Temer Says He Will Not Run in 2018 and Supports Putting an End to Re-election

04/29/2016 - 09h46



Vice President Michel Temer stated this Thursday (28) he will not be standing as a candidate for Presidency in 2018. Furthermore, he said he will support the proposal to end presidential re-election in Brazil.

Many are saying that the objective behind these actions is to attract the support of the PSDB (the Brazilian Social Democracy Party). It is believed that Temer made his statements in a thinly-veiled attempt to mollify the various branches of the largest opposition party in Brazil.

Temer, who will assume the role of President temporarily if Dilma Rousseff is forced to stand down in May by the federal Senate, is a member for rival party PMDB (the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party).

The PSDB, the party of the governor of Sao Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, is still showing resistance in accepting roles in a future PMDB government. In order to win it round, the Vice President is considering handing the roles of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to José Serra (SP) and of Secretary of Human Rights to federal congressman Mara Gabrilli (SP).

According to Temer, the end of presidential re-election in Brazil will allow the PMDB more liberty in making drastic changes to government policy, such as structural overhaul and welfare and workers' reforms.

In an interview with news channel SBT Brasil, aired on Thursday evening (28), Temer promised he would not interfere with Operation Lava Jato. This is a further condition the PSDB stipulated as necessary for it to support a Temer government.

The PMDB party member protested that the President's criticisms that he is a "conspirator" and the force driving the so-called "coup" were "unjustifiable". However, he stressed his "considerable appreciation and respect on a personal level" for Rousseff.

He furthermore denied that he would reduce social programmes, like the "Bolsa Família".

Temer also confirmed his belief that he would be able to gain the support of National Congress to approve measures the current government has so far been unable to pass. According to him, it is his priority to "get the economy up and running" in order to make jobs for future generations.


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Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress
Vice-President Michel Temer (PMDB)
Vice-President Michel Temer (PMDB)

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