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In an Emotionally Toned Speech, First Lady Marcela Temer Launches 'Happy Child' Program

10/06/2016 - 11h52



In her first public speech on Wednesday, the 5th, first lady Marcela Temer chose to adopt an emotional tone while recognizing that the new federal government's responsibilities "are increasing every day".

At an event launching the "Happy Child" ("Criança Feliz") social program, in which she will serve as a kind of ambassadress, she explained that she will be working as a volunteer without receiving any compensation, and stressed the importance of supporting social initiatives.

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"Each and every Brazilian contributes to the development of the country. Our responsibilities are increasing every day and our challenges as well. My work is voluntary, to mobilize sectors in society around actions to guarantee improvements in people's lives", she said.

In a deliberate and professorial speech, the first lady, who is the mother of the President's youngest son, emphasized the role of parents in the development of their children and stressed the importance of care during early childhood, up to three years of age.

According to Marcela, early childhood care is instrumental in preventing aggressive and violent behavior in the future. "The program in its entirety will serve and assist millions of little ones over time", she said.

The initiative is aimed at children up to three years of age whose families participate in the Bolsa Família program. The idea is to provide accompanying medical, educational and psychological assistance on a permanent basis.

The first lady's function is mobilization, promoting events and meetings involving states and municipalities. The program has been funded with R$ 285 million (US$ 88 million) from the 2017 Federal Budget

In another speech, the President confirmed that the objective of Marcela's participation in the "Happy Child" program is to incentivize other female mayors, governors, and first ladies to involve themselves in the initiative.

Translated by LLOYD HARDER

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