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Experts Diverge on Three Points of Temer's Audio Recording

06/30/2017 - 09h29



Four expert reports on the audio recording of the conversation between President Michel Temer and businessman Joesley Batista diverge in three points.

The reports agree that there are interruptions, but disagree on what led to these interruptions. They also diverge regarding the expression used by Batista ("every month" or "I am in the middle") and also whether these recordings can be used as evidence in court.

The reports were produced by Temer's defense, two specialists hired by Folha and Brazil's Federal Police.

The Federal Police's report says the interruptions were caused by a device in the equipment that interrupts the recording when there is no sound.

The Brazilian Expert Institute (IBP) hired by Folha says that this mechanism only explains some of the interruptions. The others have different characteristics and could have been made after the recording was completed - the causes were not determined.

The Federal Police say the recording can be used as evidence because there are no signs of alterations or intentional suppressions of any part of the conversation.

However, expert Ricardo Molina, hired by Temer, the IBP and expert Ricardo Caires dos Santos (also hired by Folha) say that the recording's low quality, the undetermined interruptions and the equipment's poor conservation make it impossible to use them as evidence.

Translated by THOMAS MUELLO

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Pedro Ladeira/Folhapress
Businessman Joesley Batista
Businessman Joesley Batista

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