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Skeptical Brazilian Soccer Fans Paint Street with Argentine Colors in Piauí

06/14/2018 - 14h02



The Eighth Street in the neighborhood of Real Copagre, in Teresina, the capital of Piauí, became Argentina's most recent headquarters in the Russia Soccer World Cup.

Skeptical of the Brazilian soccer team as well as of the country's current political situation, the local fan's decided to paint the walls of their street with the colors of Brazil's archrival, Argentina. Also, they promised to become faithful supporters of the team led by striker Lionel Messi.

"Neymar stands no chance here," says Raimundo Júnior, 35, who came up with the idea in the 2014 World Cup, when he and his neighbors watched astounded as the Brazilian team lost to Germany 7-1. In that World Cup, the walls of the street had been painted with the colors of the Brazilian flags, yellow and green. Disappointed with the national team's defeat, the decided they would support Argentina in 2018.

Benonias Cardoso/Futura Press/Folhapress
The neighborhood of Real Copagre, in Teresina (Piauí)
The neighborhood of Real Copagre, in Teresina (Piauí)

Four years later, political ingredients were added to their decision: their disappointment in the Brazilian team also became a protest against corruption in the country.

Júnior had to convince his neighbors to decorate their street. He says that 90% of them agreed to support Argentina. Each resident paid R$ 25 to buy paint and pay the painter.

A widescreen TV was provided to show Argentina's first match against Iceland to be held on Saturday, June 16. The ritual is likely to be repeated in all of Argentina's matches, even if they are playing Brazil.

"We will stand our ground. We are supporting Argentina until the very end," says Júnior.

Translated by THOMAS MUELLO

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