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Dinosaur Fossil Is Found on Construction Site in Minas Gerais

07/03/2015 - 09h57



A construction work on an eight tower condominium in the central region of Uberaba in the Mineiro Triangle revealed much more than dirt and rocks.

Fossils from a large-sized dinosaur, with an estimated age of 80 million years and a possibly unknown species, will be unearthed within the next few days.

The animal's ribs, vertebrae, tibia and waist bones have already been identified. According to researchers, the state of preservation indicates that cranial material may still be buried in the rock. Excavation will continue until next week.

Last December, a city hall employee found evidence of the existence of fossils in the condominium site. Since then, the construction project is being monitored.

For geologist Luiz Carlos Borges Ribeiro of the Llewellyn Ivor Price Center for Paleontological Research linked to UFTM (Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro), the structure may belong to a new species of titanosaur, a herbivore dinosaur that once inhabited the region.

"From the diversity of the fossils we found and the degree of preservation, we will probably have the opportunity to present a new species. That would provide another piece of data for the advancement of international paleontological research," says Ribeiro.

After removal of the fossil, the material will be sent to the Center for Paleontological Research for analysis.

According to Ribeiro, the morphological and anatomical studies must be completed within a year and will confirm if the discovery refers to a new species not yet identified in Brazil.

In the last ten years, three species of titanosaur were discovered in the Mineiro Triangle: the Trigonosaurus pricei, the Baurutitan britoi and the Uberabatitan riberoi.

About two years ago, on the site next to the condominium project, the first fossils in the region were discovered during excavations for the construction of a mall. However, due to lack of access to the site, the researchers were not able to identify the species.

Translated by SUGHEY RAMIREZ

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Luis Adolfo/UFTM
A dinosaur fossil was found on a construction site in Minas Gerais
A dinosaur fossil was found on a construction site in Minas Gerais

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