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Brazilian Scientists Test Tilapia as Treatment for Skin Burns

03/31/2016 - 09h52



Brazilian scientists believe that the skin of tilapia, a very common freshwater fish in the country, could help treat burn victims.

A year long animal study that just came to an end, showed that the use of the skin is effective as a treatment alternative.

The findings were presented at the beginning of the month at the 2nd Carioca Conference on Skin Burns and published in "The Brazilian Society for Skin Burns Magazine".

Today, treatment for burn victims involves sulphur sulphadiazine, a substance that heals the wounds within 14 days, on average.

According to plastic surgeon and SOS Skin Burns and Wounds coordinator at São Marcos Hospital in Recife, Marcelo Borges, the expectation is that the use of tilapia skin will provide the patient with other benefits.

"The use of the fish skin triggers healing in the same amount of time as the creams being used today. But, it is an alternative that, in addition, can soften the pain, minimize the loss of liquid and drastically reduce the risk of infection", he says.

The tilapia skin is cleansed to remove muscle tissue remains. Subsequently, the material is placed in a water bath with a solution comprised of an antiseptic for decontamination.

The clean skin is stored and sent to the University of São Paulo's Nuclear Energy Research Institute, where the tissues are irradiated with cobalt 60, which releases electromagnetic waves capable of killing living organisms.

Testing on humans will begin in July of this year, when more than 500 people will undergo the procedure.

Translated by SUGHEY RAMIREZ

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Scientists believe that the skin of tilapia could help treat burn victims
Scientists believe that the skin of tilapia could help treat burn victims

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