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In Prison, Former President of CBF Writes a Diary and Has Lost Eight Pounds

07/03/2015 - 10h32



After over 30 days in prison in Switzerland, the former president of the CBF, Jose Maria Marin keeps a diary in his cell.

Folha heard the story from people who have visited him in prison in Zurich and found out about the conditions he is in and how his life is since the day he was arrested at the Baur Au Lac, a luxury hotel in the city where Fifa is based.

On that morning of May 27th, Marin was approached in his room by agents of the Swiss police, the FBI and an interpreter. Once he was under arrest, Marin questioned, but soon surrendered.

His wife, Neusa, was also in the room and told Marin to shower and shave before going to prison. The agents waited and in the meantime Neusa packed a small suitcase with clothes.

An agent told Marin's wife to pack a larger suitcase for a longer stay, without explaining how long he would be detained.

After leaving the bathroom, Marin went to prison, a small building in Zurich. In detention with him were 15 other people -none of them was a football authority.

The stories told by those who have seen Marin in prison include that he is very emotional, that he cries and questions why this has happened to him.

The former president of the CBF has lost eight pounds and, at the age 83, has not experienced any serious health problem. He takes medicine for high blood pressure and stomach pain. Doctors at the Swiss prison constantly check his blood pressure.

A former sportsman who is conscientious with his shape, Marin is allowed one hour for sunbathing each day. He uses almost the entire period to walk at a speed across the detention yard.

During this time out of the cell, Marin may also buy food at a stall. He can spend 70 Swiss francs (about US$ 74) to purchase, among other items, cereal bars. The money is taken away by his lawyers.

Marin does not wear the overalls provided by the Swiss government. He wears polo shirts and tracksuit pants brought to him by his lawyers.

In the 23 hours that he spends within his cell, Marin watches television and writes. He has a folder where he keeps a diary.

He has already sent two letters from prison, one to his wife and one to his lawyer in Brazil. Both texts underwent analysis in Switzerland. Marin has received 49 letters from family and friends.

Without speaking English, the former president of the CBF became close to a prison mate. He speaks daily with his neighbor, a Dutchman who speaks Spanish.


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