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Belo Horizonte Museums and Cafes Are Tourist Attractions During the Confederations Cup

06/06/2013 - 08h42



Although the city granted itself the title of "world capital of bars," Belo Horizonte wants to take advantage of the Confederations Cup, to be held between June 15 and 30, to show it also has good museums and cafes.

These attractions are in the center-south region, the city's main touristic area, which holds 70% of the hotels.

The museums are in the Liberdade square cultural circuit, with eight areas around the square. It used to house the state's bureaucratic center and has become a historic and modern circuit, with art exhibitions and interactive playful science museums. The culture, habits and mineral resources of the state also are featured.

The telecommunications museum, in Centro Cultural Oi Futuro, also is in the southern area.

The Artes e Ofícios museum is in Estação square, the old city center railway station - the museum features works on "labor and laborers." The Floresta neighborhood is nearby, and houses the Giramundo museum, of the traditional puppet theater group. As it is currently being reformed, visitors must call and schedule visits (+55/31/3446-0686).

Thiago Momm/Folha Imagem
The Artes e Ofícios museum, in Estação square
The Artes e Ofícios museum, in Estação square

It is worth taking a whole day to visit Inhotim, the biggest outdoor contemporary art museum, in Brumadinho, 60 kilometers from Belo Horizonte.

An easy tour of cafes is in Savassi, a commercial region with several bars and restaurants. The bookstores Mineiriana, Status e Quixote, Café Três Corações and Café com Letras are all in that area.

As for the bars, visitors don't have to look too far to find one of the city's 12,000 - according to City Hall.

Translated by THOMAS MUELLO

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