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Signs of Tension Signs of Tension

Published on 04/11/2016

Rio: a City in Metamorphosis Rio: a City in Metamorphosis

Published on 11/19/2015

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  • Editorial: Neither Rousseff Nor Temer

    President Dilma Rousseff has lost the ability to govern Brazil.

    Published on 04/02/2016 - 21h15

  • Opinion: 25 Years of Mercosur: Time to Acknowledge Its Achievements

    This month marks the celebration of the 25 years since the presidents of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay signed the Treaty of Asunción that founded Mercosur.

    Published on 03/28/2016 - 08h48

  • Opinion: Vice President Temer Is a Solution Because He Will Prevent Elections

    Odebrecht enriched national political rhetoric when one of his people referred to its money laundering department as the "Sector for Structured Transactions".

    Published on 03/28/2016 - 08h46

  • Editorial: The Last Flag Falls

    Given the economic disaster, it was just a question of time: last year, for the first time since 1992, there was a decline in income and an increase in inequality among Brazilians occurring simultaneously.

    Published on 03/28/2016 - 08h45

  • Operation Lava Jato Frames Lula´s Aggressiveness and Protests Gain Strength

    The unprecedented operation directly targeting the former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is a powerful demonstration of Operation Lava Jato's institutional force and a symbolic reinforcement of the movement calling for the removal of the Worker´s Party government from power. It occurs just as the former President has publicly announced his readiness for the fight.

    Published on 03/04/2016 - 16h16

  • Perfect Climate for Zika Virus

    One thing which has been widely discussed in this frenzy following the zika epidemics is that the range of the virus is a direct consequence of global warming. Global warming may have contributed, but we are still very far from making a direct connection between both facts.

    Published on 02/15/2016 - 09h57

  • Petrobras Scandal: Murder is the Only Thing That Hasn´t Happened Yet

    Workers' Party Senator Delcídio Amaral and his gang with banker André Esteves, founder of investment bank BTG Pactual, intended to deceive the Federal Supreme Court and obstruct justice in the Car Wash probe, help a convicted felon to escape and corrupt whoever was on their way. In addition, he diverted confidential documents from the investigation (bought them?) and trafficked influence. All to cover the embezzlement in the State-owned and parastatal oil company.

    Published on 11/27/2015 - 09h38

  • Senator and Banker Arrested for Attempting to Pervert Lava Jato Investigations

    For the first time since democracy returned to Brazil in 1985, the Federal Police has arrested a serving senator. The Workers' Party (PT) leader in the Senate, Delcídio do Amaral, was arrested in a Brasília hotel on Wednesday morning and placed in preventive custody, accused of attempting to pervert the Operation Lava Jato investigations into corruption at Petrobras.

    Published on 11/26/2015 - 09h49

  • Opinion: Imprisonment of Senator is a Unique Case with Unique Solutions

    The accusations against senator Delcídio Amaral (PT-MS), who until yesterday served as leader of the Senate, could not be more grave.

    Published on 11/26/2015 - 09h29

  • Opinion: Restoring Life in the Rio Doce Valley

    The speed with which human action exploits natural resources has provoked great environmental disequilibrium in the Rio Doce valley.

    Published on 11/23/2015 - 10h23