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Foreign Doctors Allowed to Work on the Fringes of Large Cities

06/13/2013 - 08h42



Doctors with a diploma obtained abroad, invited by the Brazilian government to work in primary care, can be based in large centers such as the city of São Paulo.

To do so, the professional must serve the regions of the municipality where there is currently a shortage of doctors, such as the outskirts of the city. Since the beginning of the debate, the Ministry of Health has stressed that the goal is to serve these regions, in addition to cities in the countryside.

"Of course the greatest need is in the North and Northeast, but not only the cities in the countryside. The outskirts of the large cities also have a shortage of doctors," Minister Alexandre Padilha (Health) said to Folha.

On Wednesday, at a public hearing in the House of Representatives, the minister defended the special authorization for physicians with foreign diplomas to work for a certain period in Brazil.

The focus, he said, are professionals from Portugal and Spain, but Padilha also defended the quality of doctors from other countries, such as Cuba.

"There is no prejudice on the part of the Ministry of Health regarding the professional doctor trained in Cuba," said the minister. In a meeting with Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Cuba affirmed having 6,000 physicians available to come to the country.

The Ministry of Health wants to further accelerate the recognition of diplomas of Portuguese doctors in Brazil. The intention is to sign an agreement between the departments, later this week, to put the measure into practice. Today, there is already an agreement that addresses the issue, but until now there has not been any significant result.

The revalidation of the document would be mutual: Brazilians trained in medicine could have the same benefit in the European country. Once in Brazil, however, these doctors are not required to work in a particular region or in primary health care.

Translated by DAVE WOLIN

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