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Bahia Elected Brazil's Best Tourist Destination

08/31/2017 - 11h26



Datafolha interviewed 1,646 residents of São Paulo on their preferences regarding tourist destinations for the 2017 edition of the Best of São Paulo Tourism.

The winner in the "Best Brazilian State as Tourist Destination" category was Bahia, mentioned by 17% of those interviewed. Many reasons made Bahia the top destination.

The empty space in front of Fumaça waterfall is so attractive that the water gets confused and falls upward.

In Chapada Diamantina memories endure. The breakfast table is supplied and consumed collectively, there is neo-gothic Word Heritage, homemade bread, caves, fumeiro meat, jackfruit appetizers, cold rivers, trails – and no 3G reception or loud music. It is a place to lie down, devoid of all worries, and even talk to yourself.

Visitors know beforehand that the number of days they will stay in Bahia will not be enough – but what can you do about it?.

Visitors want to take advantage of everything the place has to give. Crowded beaches, deserted beaches, trails, farms, road trips, rafting, food tours or historic centers? It doesn't really matter. The feeling is the same. The place is unforgettable and inexhaustible (for a single lifetime).

In the countryside, cassava as well as fumeiro and sun dried meat are on every menu. On the coast, cilantro and dendê oil are found in the dishes of the so-called mandatory restaurants.

Considering the cost-benefit of opening and eating a crab becomes secondary in the face of the view of the All Saints' Bay. Nothing will ever erase the memories of the tastes and smells of a shrimp and octopus stew. Not to mention your feet on the sandy beaches.

Translated by THOMAS MUELLO

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Robin Lynne/Getty Images
Porto Seguro beach in Bahia, Brazil
Porto Seguro beach in Bahia, Brazil

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