Folha de São Paulo

The most influential newspaper in Brazil

Founded in 1921, Folha has been, since the 80's, the best-selling newspaper in the country among national dailies of general interest. The growth was based on the editorial principles of the Folha Project: pluralism, non-partisanship, critical journalism and independence.

Organized in daily thematic sections and supplements, it has national circulation. It was the first communications vehicle in Brazil to adopt the role of ombudsman and to offer online content to its readers.


To produce journalistic information and analysis with credibility, transparency, quality and agility, based on the editorial principles of the Folha Group (independence, critical spirit, pluralism and non-partisanship), through a modern and profitable conglomerate of media companies, that contribute to the enhancement of democracy and citizenship awareness.


To consolidate itself as the most influential media group in the country.

Principles and values

  • Economic and editorial independence
  • Commitment to the reader
  • Ethics
  • Defense of the freedom of expression
  • Defense of free enterprise
  • Pioneering
  • Respect for diversity
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