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Folha is Brazil's Leading Newspaper Across Different Platforms

04/01/2014 - 08h39



Folha is the Brazilian newspaper with highest circulation, reaching the widest audience across a range of different platforms and formats. It sells the highest number of printed copies, it sells more digital editions than its competitors and it receives more hits and visitors on its website than any other Brazilian paper.

One in every thirteen newspapers bought in Brazil is a copy of Folha, and it is estimated that nearly 25% of those who read news online in Brazil visit the Folha website at least once a month.

In February, Folha's average circulation was 341,553 copies, of which 117,721 were digital, according to the Circulation Verification Institute (IVC, in its Portuguese acronym). This represents 7.7% of the 4.4 million newspapers which were sold on average daily during February.

In second place was the Rio-based paper "O Globo", with an average circulation of 311,000, of which 93,700 were digital. "O Estado de S. Paulo", the second-largest paper in São Paulo, sold on average 233,800 copies, of which 58,800 were digital.

This means that Folha's circulation is 9.8% higher than "O Globo", and 46% higher than "O Estado de S. Paulo".

The first Brazilian newspaper to adopt a metered paywall system for digital content, in June 2012, Folha boasts the highest number of digital subscribers, with 26% more than "O Globo", and double those of "O Estado de S. Paulo".

According to IVC data for February, digital subscriptions to Folha account for 35% of the paper's total circulation.

In January, the Folha website received a record number of individual visitors for the month. 24.7 million devices were identified by Adobe Analytics software, a program which counts the number of devices accessing the site. Each reader may use more than one device to access the paper.

The previous record of 23.96 million was set in June last year, a month in which massive protests against price hikes on public transport swept across Brazil. That month also saw the highest number pages accessed in the site's history: 308.5 million. On average, Folha's readers access around 250 million pages per month.

According to Nielsen, a leading global information measurement company, the number of people that visit the Folha website at home or at work is higher than that for any of its competitors. These readers also tend to interact more with the site. However, Nielsen does not disclose exact numbers.

On Facebook, the most popular social network in Brazil, Folha's page also leads the pack. It has 3.4 million followers, compared to 2.3 million for "O Globo" and 1.7 million for "O Estado de S. Paulo".

"Agora São Paulo", a paper published by the same group responsible for Folha, is the most successful tabloid newspaper. In February, it sold 112,200 copies, nearly three times its principal competitor, "Diário de S. Paulo", and accounts for four out of every ten tabloids sold at the city's newsstands.

Translated by TOM GATEHOUSE

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