SP Judge Calls Civil Guard Illiterate and Tears Up a Fine when Caught without a Mask

Magistrate was not wearing mask on Santos beach during the pandemic of the novel coronavirus

São Paulo

A São Paulo judge humiliated a civil guard after being fined for walking without a mask on the edge of Santos, a city on the south coast of São Paulo, on Saturday afternoon (18).

Eduardo Almeida Prado Rocha de Siqueira, 63, called the inspection agent "illiterate", tore the fine and even tried to get rid of the punishment by communicating the fact to the city's public security secretary.

Eduardo Siqueira - Reprodução

The civil guards filmed the entire event, and the images went viral on the internet.

In the images, Siqueira is approached on the beach by a civil guard who says he should comply with the municipal decree that obliges the entire population to use the equipment.

"But a decree is not a law," replies the judge. The civil guard then gets out of the corporation's car and insists that Siqueira put on the mask. "I'm not in the habit of using it," he says. "Do you want me to throw [the fine] in your face? So do the fine here", continues the judge.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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