Brazil's Government Faces Obstacles Meeting Administrative Service Demands

Failures cause queue at the INSS, affect enrollments at Sisu and undermine Ibama fines


One Year after The Disaster, Families Lay Memorial Stone in Brumadinho

Site will be built next to the mine where the dam that broke


'You Can't just Take Care of the Economy and Not Worry about The Environment', Says Ita√ļ President

Brazil is seen as a bad example and needs to improve communication, says Candido Bracher


Flood Destroys Espírito Santo City

Six days after the rains, the army reached Iconha and other municipalities in the south of the state


Davos Investors Show Confidence in Brazil

Executives still show concern about reforms and environmental issues


Wineries in Brazil Adopt Winter Harvest and Win Prizes

Double grape pruning increases the sophistication of wines produced in SP and MG


Prosecutor Accuses Glenn Greenwald of Hacking Car Wash Operation

Without investigation, complaint states that journalist guided the action of invaders


Bolsonaro Dismisses Secretary of Culture after Paraphrases Nazi Leader in Video

Roberto Alvim's fall happened after quoting Goebbels in an arts support program video


Unifying Consumption Taxes Can Reduce Inequality, Study Says

Tax reform proposals would benefit the poorest and harm the richest, says Ipea


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