Agreement between Mercosur and EU Is Balanced, Says Interim Head of EU Delegation

In Brazil, automakers are concerned about the possibility of cheaper imported cars


Bolsonaro Fears Senate Will Reject Son's Nomination as Ambassador

Bolsonaro is evaluating sons nomination as ambassador to United States


'The Best of São Paulo' chooses the best bars, restaurants, and goodies of São Paulo

The annual magazine selects the best places in the gastronomic capital of Brazil


The Era of Reconquest?

Technology disruption allows us to rethink cities


Lava Jato Attorney General Planned to Financially Benefit from Position

Deltan Dallagnol talked about creating a company to profit from speeches


Brazilian Passports Will only Recognize "Mother" and "Father" as Family on Passports

These words were substituted in 2017 for "parent 1" and "parent 2" to cover different forms of families

São Paulo

Illegal Colombian Mototaxi App Makes Inroads in São Paulo

City sees service as clandestine but company says that the city cannot prohibit it


Twenty-Five Year Old Dancer Runs Ballet School for Children in A Rio Favela

Classes take place in on a sports court and also include self-esteem development


Paraty Becomes Progressive Bubble in 1st FLIP in Bolsonaro Era

Festival marked by success of blacks authors and an anger that manifested itself through parties


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