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Toffoli Backs down and Revokes Ruling that Gave Him Access to Sensitive Financial Data from 600,000 People

STF President points out that did not register to verify financial reports

Science and Health

Amazon Deforestation Increased 29.5% in last 12 Months

From August 2018 to July, 9.762 km2 of land was devastated


Brazilian Racing Drivers Are Missing from F-1 Races

Riders fail to score minimum required to race in category



Teaching of African History in Brazil's Schools Highlights Resistance and Afro Culture

Implementation of law that made the subject compulsory in the school curriculum is still irregular


A Punch in the News

Journalism loses out when emotions take over


How a British Countess Became the Godmother of Psychedelics

Amanda Feilding's lysergic crusade to restore LSD's prestige as a medicine


Bolsonaro Will Host Huawei CEO

5G technology, at the center of the dispute between US and China, should be on the agenda of the meeting


Five-year Old Girl Shot on The Way to School in Rio de Janeiro

Kethellen de Oliveira Gomes is the sixth child killed by firearms in the state this year


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