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Amazon Task Force Registers US$ 134 million in Environmental Damage

Task force also found that gangs are linked to the grid and environmental corruption


Effect of Fake News on Voting Is Not as Dramatic as one Thinks, Says Political Scientist

For Nara Pavão, fake news will still be a problem in the 2020 elections, but institutions are better prepared to deal with the issue


Brazil's Government Evaluates Abandoning Administrative Reform

The plan is to use projects already in Congress


Maid Saved US$ 5,800 and Took Daughter to Disney World

Maid cared for an elderly woman 10 hours a night, had another job during the day time


Flávio Bolsonaro Speaks Out about Militiaman's Death

Senator asks that his cremation be prevented; A judge has already banned the ceremony


US Removes Brazil from The List of Developing Nations

Main American goal is to impact China, which also presents itself at the WTO as a developing country


15 Years Ago, Missionary Dorothy Stang, 73, Was Murdered in Pará

Nun was killed in an ambush in the PDS (Sustainable Development Project) area in the Esperança settlement


To Hell with The Truth

Support for false statements had seven times more interactions on social media


Mangueira Samba School Reignites Clash between The Religious and Carnival People

Catholic Institute signs petition against samba school for its portrayal of Jesus with "black face, Indian blood and a woman's body


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