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Bolsonaro Suffers Two Setbacks in PSL Political Party Crisis

Crisis between leader of PSL and president stems from internal party disputes


Bolsonaro Administration Suspends Eduardo Bolsonaro Nomination as Washington Ambassador

The deputy's disputes with parliamentarians made Senate approval unlikely

Science and Health

Oil Reaches Tourist Attractions in Bahia and Alagoas

Northeastern coast has suffered for the last month and a half from oil slicks who origins are unknown


What Do Immigrants in São Paulo Have to Say?

Special gathers testimonials from people of various nationalities in São Paulothe city that receives the most foreigners in Brazil

São Paulo

Viracopos Airport Robbery Ends with 3 Killed and 5 Injured

Mother and baby were taken hostage and kidnapper was killed by police; flights were affected


Income Gap between Rich and Poor Reaches Record in Brazil

Study shows that inequality increase coincided with decrease in Bolsa Familia support

Science and Health

USP Develops Test that Identifies Zika Virus More Accurately

President wants to avoid break with alliances; Groups say party fund lead to crisis

São Paulo

"Nobody Occupies because They Want to, They Occupy because They Have a Need"

Accused of extorting residents, Preta Ferreira, leader of homeless movement, spent more than 100 days in jail


Rio's Governor Proposes Closing Access to Favelas to Combat Cargo Theft

The program also might include helicopters and high speed bikes, governor said


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