Brazil's Government Faces Obstacles Meeting Administrative Service Demands

Failures cause queue at the INSS, affect enrollments at Sisu and undermine Ibama fines


Although the government insists that it has become more efficient, Jair Bolsonaro's administration has encountered massive technical issues while providing basic services. Recently, in addition to the delayed release of social security benefits, there was also a delay in unemployment insurance payments. IRS computer systems were blocked. Young people who try to apply job openings at public universities also face service instability.

At Ibama, Brazil's environmental agency, workers face difficulties in storing fines.

Failures cause queue at the INSS. Foto: ANDRE COELHO/Folhapress

Despite these issues, the Ministry of Economy continues to highlight positive news on the government's "digital transformation." The the government transformed 534 services into 28 agencies, which should generate annual savings of R$ 1.75 billion (US$ 420 million).

The economic team sees digitalization as part of administrative reform. Computerized services will gradually replace some public servant functions.

Sought, the agencies claim to be working on the issues.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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