A Difficult Year for Folha

From Antônio Risério to 'Splurge', there were plenty of reasons for readers to throw punches at the newspaper

January. "I didn't receive today's issue 01/01/2022 nor the one for Christmas Day." "It's impossible for us to go up on the roof to get the newspaper." "What is your problem with the expression 'righteous person'?" "Faced with the frightening article by Mr. Antonio Risério, I would like to ask you an objective question: is Folha racist?" "I cannot be supportive of journalism that has more moderation in the comment section than in the selection of articles." "Shame on you, Folha." "As a subscriber, I express my full support for the journalists' petition."

February. "I believe that Folha failed (apologies for the tongue twister) in this coverage." "Can't you write this more simply?" "The secret budget remains secret in Folha." "How do we find out the end of the story? Do I call the reporter? Ask the ombudsman?"

March. "By the way, this subject makes it clear that Folha has a side." "However, the title and thin line do not correspond to the text, much less to reality." "What motivates the newspaper to revisit a subject that was the focus of a state's evidence testimony?" "Where is the newspaper's investigative journalism? An investigation is not limited to a Google search." "I find it very unfair that those who pay 'more' for the monthly subscription to this newspaper receive 'less'." "It is regrettable to see that Folha cowers and always chooses a blasé tone, hiding under the cloak of impartiality."

April. "Inside Folha, I only know Janio de Freitas, who has never been domesticated." "Will it be the same as the secret budget, which Folha ignored for months before mentioning it for the first time?" "Folha also has a history of misdeeds, boarding sunken ships, such as supporting the neoliberal policies of Temer and Guedes, carwash mongering, the military dictatorship." "Please don't kill the queen!" "It is very sad to see that Folha still prefers Bozo (Bolsonaro) to democracy." "I have received a copy of Estadão, not of Folha!"

May. "Doria has more space than the third place in the polls." "That Folha is increasingly giving in to the pressures of identity and the culture of political correctness is nothing new." "Wouldn't the headline be 'Federal highway police officers kill a man by suffocation?'" "Folha is insisting that Lula was not exonerated." "I keep thinking that Folha will be judged by future historians as negligent, for not having requested the impeachment of the psychopath." "The article that treats Guedes as a victim of Bolsonaro is a joke in extremely bad taste."

June. "We need the Guia da Folha back, as it always was. It is sorely missed!" "It is unacceptable the number of foul words used in the aforementioned column." "The representation of what presents itself as left wing and right wing is absolutely ridiculous." "Uncritical or not critical enough coverage of the worst administration in history." "Folha is in a trance." "The country in chaos, 33 million going hungry, a minister being arrested, the government creating millions of fake news about countless problems, several smokescreens, and Folha seeking an interview with Cesare Battisti."

July. "I have to say that I am impressed by how easily Folha has been buying statements from government representatives." "The word disaster is great for attracting readers, but it's actually called global warming." "My father has nothing else to read, as he was a regular reader of the Agora newspaper." "Folha does not call the PEC 'Fear of Lula'".

August. "I think Folha is starting to do the same thing it did during the 2018 elections." "It's one thing to have a kaleidoscopic patchwork of ideas and opinions. A whole other thing is ... racism." "If the PT's self-criticism begins timidly and belatedly, that of the Brazilian press, with several blows under its belt, still takes time." "Even Jornal Nacional (Rede Globo's daily evening news program) has done better than you."

September. "Do you have any plausible explanation for the excellent report by UOL not being highlighted in the newspaper?" "How long is Folha going to bother us with the useless, prejudiced, sexist, rude, and misinformed articles that this man writes?" "I don't believe that, because even comments from my daughters, who are communists, are not blocked." "On the 7th of September, it was the president who set the agenda." "Journalism is dead, so let's entertain the public." "This article looks like a release, even the photo is Bolsonarist."

October. "Datafolha's errors demonstrate an attempt to induce voters." "BOLSONARO WILL WIN IN THE FIRST ROUND FOR YOUR BAD LUCK." "We are living on the verge of a dictatorship and, instead of taking a stand on the side of democracy, Folha prefers to demand to know what will be the next PT government's actions regarding the economy." "It's terrifying to start a Sunday with a dystopian and impertinent editorial from Folha de São Paulo." "Where is the editorial to challenge the abominable attitude of the Supreme Electoral Court?"

November. "Wasn't it called secret budget? Why is it now being called the rapporteur's amendments, days after the elections?" "It's past time for Folha to understand that a coup is not an opinion." "Folha is already starting to promote its overthrow, as it did in the recent past with a representative also elected by the people" "The newspaper's anti-Lula bias is already reaching the limit of dishonesty." "Folha's turn to the right has been radical. The latest editorials are repulsive. I don't remember reading anything like it in 2018, in the post-election period of President Bolsonaro." "Part of normality involves this newspaper coming down on the PT (Workers' Party), as it always has."

December. "Folha continues, as it has in the last four years, being chutchuquinha (sweethearts) with Bolsonaro and the right wing and savage with Lula and the left wing." "Transition and coup mongering in Brazil, protests in China, a war in Europe, and the big event is Argentina's victory in the World Cup?" "I consider Janio de Freitas a true institution in national journalism. I think that Folha loses part of its soul by firing him." "How could we go on without Janio and Marcelo Coelho? Reading Folha was essential in forming critical thinking. The newspaper has become indigestible." "I'm starting to think that 'splurge' is paying to be a Folha's subscriber." "The 'splurge' took place in the millions diverted to a criminal presidential campaign, to the rapporteur's secret measures, to Jair Bolsonaro's corporate card with 100-year secrecy." "Is it just me or is Folha trying to put an end to the newspaper?" "Merry Christmas and a better 2023 than 2022."