My Mission Is to Make the World Happy

I have always believed that art is too important not to be shared

Romero Britto
Brazilian Plastic Artist

The incident of the viral video circulating on the internet occurred in 2017. Everyone can see that I was the victim of a person who came to one of my galleries in Miami, USA, and premeditatedly broke a work of art that she had received as a gift.

I have never witnessed such disrespect in my entire career as an artist, and I repudiate similar attitudes against any human being. Naturally, my reaction in the video broadcast was one of astonishment, shock, and surprise at such disrespect, cruelty, and irresponsibility.

Unfortunately, there are opportunistic people who want to become famous at the expense of others and take it to extremes.

The incident of the viral video circulating on the internet occurred in 2017 . Credito:Faye Pindell no Tik Tok - Faye Pindell no Tik Tok

I tried to prevent the apple from breaking with my own hands because each work of art I create is very special to me. It is like a child, and they have a unique story and an emotional charge. The sculpture "Big Apple" was inspired by the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and I have used the apple in my work for years as a symbol of life, love, peace, and hope.

The truth is that I had made a reservation for a group of people in the restaurant to have breakfast. Unfortunately, at the last minute, some of them were unable to go. I ordered coffee for everyone who went with me, joked about the discount, and explained the unexpected to the restaurant - who apparently didn't like the fact that not all of my guests attended.

The music was also very loud, and we couldn't talk. So I politely asked them to turn down the volume. As a customer, I felt disrespected. I don't know the interest or reason for such behavior by the employee or the restaurant owner.

My purpose has always been to bring joy, love, and hope to everyone through my art. I do not admit disrespect, and I never intended to disrespect anyone. The only fact is that the videos released show a person acting violently against an artist, and the internet court applauding and advocating hate. I hope her conscience will judge her.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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