Extreme Rainfall in São Paulo Is Result of Meteorological Coincidence

The case gathered factors that accumulate moisture, such as cold fronts, cyclones, and ocean winds

São Paulo

The intensity of the rainfall on the coast of São Paulo, which destroyed entire neighborhoods and caused at least 50 deaths, is the result of a coincidence that brought together humidity, cyclone winds, and a cold front stationed in São Sebastião.

Experts interviewed by Folha's team claim that these factors are common, especially at this time of year, and that their occurrence together caused volumes greater than 600 mm recorded at the time.

GUARUJÁ , SP , 19.02.2023 , BRASIL Extreme rainfall on the north coast of SP is result of meteorological coincidence

Also according to meteorologists, climate change has interfered with the frequency of more extreme rainfall in the last 30 years in the country.

Evidence, they say, indicates that there may be a shift in the location of the moisture channel in the Southeast.

This channel is formed by moisture from the Amazon. Historically, it is located in the center of Minas Gerais and part of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

It turns out that the channel has changed position more frequently, moving a little further south from its traditional position.

This could be the cause of more extreme rainfall on the coast of São Paulo and hotter, drier weather in southern Minas Gerais.

Translated by Cassy Dias

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